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Taurus Full Moon



"Yo quiero yo quiero dinero!" is the big mood this months full moon brings. Since it's in Taurus we can invoke financial security and not just one lucky hit. Tambien because it is an eclipse it can bring vast opportunities for us! Furthermore, this phase can help us get on track with healthy money habits like saving, investing and even spending. Here's a spell to manifest success on this luna llena.

What you'll need:



a plate

7 candles in the colors orange + yellow

How to cast your magick: Sprinkle cinnamon and ginger on your plate and chant "Bring success in all I do. Set my goals and see it through".

Next, place your 7 candles on top of the plate with the spices and light them, chanting "Bring success in all I do. I will make a great debut".

Take a moment to visualize your goals and chant: "Bring success in all I do. Vast rewards I will accrue".

Let the candles burn out. Collect some of the spices and sprinkle them in a discreet place that relates to your goals. You can also put them inside a small bag and carry it in your purse/wallet. If you want to know exactly what can help you with your financial goals at this time book a tarot reading with me! I will see what is helpful, if there's blockage and how to stay on the right track.

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