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La Bruja's Story

How it began and where she's headed

Sisther Pravia was raised in Miami Florida after her family migrated from Nicaragua. Growing up in a religious latin household made it hard for her to learn and understand her intuitive gifts. At a young age, Sisther had premonition dreams but her family offered no help. She felt alone, entonces she learned on her own how to harness her inner magic. Now Sisther her magic everyday for literally everything! Tarot to predict the future, moon rituals to manifest her best life, limpieza to clear the vibras, meditation for grounding, crystals to aid during practices y mucho mas!

Sisther always wanted to be a bruja so she said "F**k it!" and practiced her spiritual gifts for over 7 years. Then in 2017 she stepped into her purpose and is now known as La Bruja del 305. That means being the Miami girl who is really real when she speaks to her clients about their journey and future goals. Whether it's money, love, healing or learning more about their magic, La Bruja del 305 is here for them! “I love what I do very much which makes me truly invested in my clients journey. I know that healing and harnessing your inner diosa will help you manifest your dreams because it has for me.” Whether it's with a tarot session, reiki healing &/or ritual work she is here to make your goddess vibra glow! Have faith that your intuitive ways are real and a gift from your ancestors. Bendiciones bruji.

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