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AfterPay Now

What is Afterpay?

An app that lets folks shop/Pay in 4 interest-free installments within a 6 week timeframe. You pay the first installment at checkout. Then Afterpay will email you reminders (beforehand) for when your next payment is due.

How do I pay with Afterpay?

Start by

  1. Going to my website 

  2. Next, click the Book Session Tab

  3. Once there, scroll down & choice needed service

  4. Then click Book Now in order for my calendar to open and view what date/time are available and work for you

  5. Next, email or DM me the service/date/time you saw available & would like to book

  6. Finally, I will hold that spot for you and reply with the proper checkout link (because my website can’t sync the app at this time but my POS can) for you to pay with. 

Once you check out with Afterpay I will get a notification and email you a confirmation of our session!

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