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Aquarius New Moon Spell

Updated: May 3, 2022



Aquarius, the community and teamwork ruler. They know with the right folks anything can happen. On the 1st of February we are already blessed with a new moon aligning with Aquarius. New moons are for manifesting new projects, goals or dreams and it being in Aquarius we want to think unconventional! How can the right people and outside of the box thinking make my dreams come true? Here's a ritual to help you be open to the process with the right tribe.

What you'll need

white candle

3 coins

How to cast

This new moon also falls on the day of the water tiger new year! A year helping us change course to a more creative form of work. Rather than following mundane rules for structure. So getting real unique with our hard work and manifestations. Hope this spell helps you! If you need further assistance and would like a supportive bruji coach then hit me up! We can cast the right spells that you personally need to live in alignment to your highest self.

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