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Finding Balance-Libra Full Moon

Where in your life can you have more balance? And How can this create harmony for your manifestations? Discover the magic of this months full moon and how it can help you!

As an independent Latina who works hard for her goals, I know what I want. Therefore I do not put my energy into things/people that no longer serve me. Many of my brujis are the same! So when it comes to rituals I make sure to craft magic that helps with the betterment of my life and clients! Here is what one of my brujis had to say about a boundary spell I curated for them:

You know the boundary spell you gave me a few months ago? Well a person it was directed towards may get fired cus they refuse to get along! – Melodie

The Libra full moon on the 16th will help bring balance to our scales. Mainly dynamic duos, for example business partners, friends, and even lovers. Any kind of partnership can be tested! Full moons bring clarity so exposing truth to us. Who's worthy of your energy nena? Here is a spell to help you gain clarity and balance with a certain individual.

Libra Full Moon ritual

What you'll need: if it's a love connection

  • 2 pink candles

  • pin/needle

  • 1 pink rhodonite

  • Musk incense

  • Paper + pen

What you'll need: if it's a business connection

  • 2 green candles

  • Pin/needle

  • 1 citrine gem

  • Vanilla incense

  • Paper + pen


  1. Start by writing you initials with the pin/needle on one candle. The other, the initials of the other person.

  2. Then light your candles and your incense.

  3. Next, fold your paper in half. On one side list what you need to change so ya'll have balance. And on the other what they need to change

  4. Once youre done place your gem onto of the list.

  5. Leave it over night on your altar or night stand. The next day bury it somewhere in nature.

  6. Finally, carry your gem with you while you're with this person!

If you don't have time the next day that's ok. Try to bury it within the next few days. As you can see I always tell y'all to bury stuff or toss it in a natural body of water. That's because we're letting nature do its work for us. Hope this spell helps bring your relationship to a better place. If you need more clarity and guidance about your relationships, book a tarot reading with me! I now have in person options, check out my Book Now section to learn more.

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