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Cancer Full Moon



This isn't just any full moon brujis. On the 17th the Cancer full moon will be opposing transformational Pluto shining light into long term goals. Pluto's polar positions could highlight a need for better work-life balance, or it could reveal ways that we’re “acting out” repeated decade-old patterns. Since Cancer rules family and relationships we can see these patterns being a cry for help from our inner child. It is important to nourish this energy or else we'll keep seeing these wounds creep up and therefore blocking our growth. Full moons are great moon phases for healing magic. Entonces here is a ritual to help us connect with our inner child, reflect on the wounds and give it love.


What you will need:

Pen + Paper Palo Santo Water (can be holy water, moon water, Florida water)

EXTRA- have a wearable gem like aventurine, pearl or rose quartz

How to cast your magic:

Before starting I always recommend you shower and dab some essential oil on wrist + forehead. If you are incorporating a wearable crystal make sure to have it on you.

When ready, start to burn your palo Santo. Pass it around yourself and your writing tools. While doing say the following " Cancer moon bring healing soon. To the inner child that wants to run wild".

Next start to write down any native patterns you find difficult to overcome. Old habits that effect your growth in relationships and any inner child wounds that keep coming up.

Then fold your paper small and dip it in your water.

Finally in the next few days go to toss your letter into the ocean, lake, river or any body of water. For this final part there is no specific day, just when every you can. Give it to Mother Nature for healing and hold gratitude.


Hope this ritual can help you at this time. Please be gentle with yourself, there are a lot of heavy transits in the sky effecting us. This month is a time to take things slow, dig deep into our goals and have patience. Give yourself a break bruji. If you need further assistance I am here for you with tarot sessions, reiki healing or bruji magic.

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