Mercury Retrograde

A very important astro event we should all be aware of, Mercury Retrograde, goes in full affect today. Que diablo es eso?! It's when Mercury starts to orbit backwards which happens about 3-4 times a year. Most planets do go through a retrograde period but Mercury has become the most popular one the past few years. I think it is because Mercury messes with our communication, technology, relations and even travel which are all equally annoying for our every day routine.

What a lot of brujx don't know is that there is a pre-shadow and post shadow phase to this astro event. Pre-shadow is the first few days which mercury will basically set up the tone for the retrograde. For example, things that happened around June 20-July 1st might have given you a sign to what you will have to reevaluate before saying yes. Because the first half of M.R. is during Cancer season, an old ex might come back. My tip, say no to fuck boy/girls but how you respond to it will show you how mature you are at this point in your love journey.

From today till July 30 everything will not be what it seems. Here is how to survive! First of all, do not make any kind of deals with anyone! Usually we will find that there are shady things that lurk behind the veil (this is one way communication is effecting us). So whether it's a new job, home, or deal wait till after. Secondly, be patient with technology, Mercury effects our tech a lot so when going backwards our appliances can go down (like IG and FB did the other day). Moreover, be understanding when it comes to communicating with loved ones. Again, this time our technology blocks our communication so it will become hard to hear from them, good time to play phone tag.

Finally, we have the post-shadow phase. Here is where Mercury starts to trek forward. What happens here? We start to see all the tea that was hidden, the consequences to missed details, and true clarity to certain situations. This is our lesson phase, learn from it and move forward as well. In life we are meant to learn so we can continue to become the best versions of ourselves. From today till the end of the month just be careful, look at all the details and be patient. Promise you will nourish your soul after this spiritual challenge. #namastemigente

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