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Surviving Mercury Retrograde

3 Simple secrets to survive the chaotic energy of Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is about to go backwards on 5/10 till 6/3. Retrograde is when a planet seems to rotate backwards (from Earth’s pov). Which then invokes the planet to do the opposite of it's traits. Therefore since it’s in Mercury, the ruler of communication, technology, travel and home it can cause confusion in these areas.

If you don’t want to play phone tag with important business calls, have miscommunication with a love interest, run late for work and/or possibly disrupt travel plans then read the tips down below.

Tip #1 - Carry Protection

What do you have in your wallet for safety? HA! A good bruji would carry crystals on them and so should you. Black obsidian is great to protect your energy field from negativity, lapis lazuli to make sure your communication is clear from disruption, Shungite helps with how tech energy affects us and, selenite to clear your aura.

Tip #2 - Cleansing Routine

People shower just about everyday but why not do the same with our aura? If you work with people or the public, sage yourself (burn sage and pass it around yourself) everyday after work. If you're more of a home body or WFH person I recommend you do it once a week. Another great way to clear your aura is by receiving reiki weekly. Continue to do the aura cleanse a week after the retrograde because the post shadow phase can still affects us!

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” – Maya Angelou

Tip #3 - Cojelo Suave

Overall take it easy. Especially with things we have no control over. Making time for self care will help us have peace during this time. Get a massage, do your nails, and go see your therapist! For a more witchy practice be open to try breath work and meditation. These two practices help bring peace of mind and clarity. Make sure this self care is just with yourself because M.R. can cause friction with group dynamics.

3C's for Survival!

Hope these tips come in handy for you in the next coming 3 weeks. I would also be mindful of the days after the retrograde because some funk can still be up in the air. If you need further guidance on how to survive this transit book a tarot session with me! Check out my website as well for reiki healing! Namaste mi gente.

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