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Venus in Scorpio

It's that time of the year, to find what we truly want in amour. Whether single or taken, conjure the love your heart desires.

On October 23 Venus enters Scorpio. This sign is ruled by Mars and Pluto, so when Venus is in Scorpio all things Venus (love, beauty, creativity, pleasure) become more fervid and intense. During this transit we might have a thirst for more! Which is ok as long as it is in alignment to your highest self.

We loved with a love that was more than love –Edgar Allan Poe

If you do feel ready to ask for more, then below you will find a simple love ritual. There is a version for the single brujis. Then there's one for the ones in a relationship or situationship. This ritual needs to be done on a Friday because it is the day of Venus and the goddess.

The Apple of my Eye


  • Red candle

  • Cinnamon incense

  • Wine (sober witches can have fruit juice)

  • Apple (red) and apple seeds (for singles)

  • Pot (optional)

How To Cast

  1. Light your candle and incense

  2. Take a sip of your wine or juice and enjoy it while you're doing the spell

  3. Hold the apple close to your heart, take a deep breath and say "You and I will shall never part."

  4. Place it on your windowsill overnight

  5. The next day, if you're in a relationship share the apple with your partner. Tell them "you are my star, you are my moon, you are my sun". It's ok to say something similar in your own words that connect with you.

  6. If you are single, the next day you will take the seeds out of the apple and say "I plant a new beginning of passion, true love and desire. Growing love much higher. I now wait for my star, my moon, my sun. Blessed be" Then plant the seeds outside or in a pot.

Apples are great fruit for love but are also in season. I recommend each Friday you pray to the goddess, journal your desires and/or mediate about your love life. Hopefully this ritual helps!

If you need further assistance, book a tarot reading with me. We will gain clarity so you are no longer unsure about your love journey. As well, a Tarot + Reiki is not just a tarot session but also an energy cleansing session to remove blockage. You can review my services here. Namaste mi gente!

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