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Updated: May 3, 2022



Heads up! A big magical day blesses us on Tuesday, the mystic number 2/22/22. Here's the tea, the number 2 is an angelic number representing balance, duality, the unconscious mind receiving messages and clarity. Because the number is quadruple it makes it more powerful! In some cultures it's considered to be a lucky number because all good things come in pairs. This is a day to manifest things that bring balance into our lives, finding the right people to work with and even transmitting clear messages from your guides. This day as well has some interesting transitions. The Sun and Jupiter will be traveling through Pisces, while the moon moves towards Scorpio. These astro events can conjure clear messages especially via dreams. Here are two rituals to practice on Tuesday, 2/22/22!

Manifest Balance

What you'll need: paper, pen, water, pot and dirty

How to: Fold your paper in half, vertically. On one side write what in your life needs more balance. On the other side, the positive outcome of reaching balance. Then fold the paper 4 times (in any direction) and dip it in your water. Finally you'll "plant" your paper in a pot. You can also plant a seed with your list. That way you can visually see your manifestations grow.

Manifest Partnership

What you'll need: pink candle, lavender incense, paper, pen and cinnamon

How to: Start by lighting your candle and incense. Next fold your paper in half, vertically. On one side, write traits your partner (business or love) has that balance you. On the other side, write the traits you have that create duality with another. Then sprinkle and rub cinnamon all over your paper. Finally, carefully burn your paper over your candle. As it burns, focus on how the two of you can create beautiful, successful things together. Afterwards let your candle and incense burn down.

Receive a Sacred Message

What you'll need: moonstone, palo Santo, dream journal

How to: Start by playing a 432hz audio like this one. Next start to burn your palo Santo, passing it around your bed and pillows. Then grab your moonstone, holding it between your palms, take 3 deep breaths and start to focus on what you want clarity on. Now say out loud "Ascended guides please show me what hides. My vision is foggy inside. I want to know what I need to do now, so show me how. Sign that are crystal clear, please appear." Finally, place your moonstone under your pillow or night stand. Be open to receive any dreams that night and even the rest of the week. The next morning journal down whatever you dreamt.

Hope these rituals are helpful for you! Let me know down below which ritual you'll practice on Tuesday 2/22/22. If you seek further guidance in your journey at this time feel free to reach out. I am available for tarot readings (clarity and guidance) and reiki healing sessions (clear, balance and unblock). Namaste mi gente!


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