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11/11 Make a Wish

On this magical number day, use your inner magic to manifest new opportunities into your journey.

Today is November 11, also seen as 11/11 "make a wish". There's a reason why people say this. The number 1 represents new things, new beginning and the first step into a path. When we see this number it's a sign that either the new path you're venturing on (or thinking to venture on) are fruitful ones. As well, there is a new path being opened for you, so be ready!

Here are some witchy tips on what you can do on this magical day.

Tip #1 - Visual Meditation

The number 11/11 is a big law of attraction number too! Law of attraction is the rule of the universe. What ever we feel, think and say will manifest whether good or bad, so that's why positive energy is important to connect with. A great easy way to program your brain to stay positively pumped is by seeing images that create joy. Therefore, a visual meditation can be powerful. Just start by burning your favorite incense, play some 432 HZ music, close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. Once you feel relaxed in the moment then start to play with your imagination. See yourself in the full fantasy of your goals. For example, being the first Latina president running it!

Tip #2 - Vision Board

Go further with the visualization practice by being creative and fun. A vision board helps us connect the fantasy of our goals even better! All you need is a poster board, images, scissors and glue. Let's say you're trying to manifest a new love journey then put images of your type of partner, put words that describe this person and once finished hang it up somewhere you can see it everyday. Each day take 15 minutes to look over your vision board and hold gratitude for the love you have now.

"Everything we do should be a result of our gratitude for what God has done for us." – Lauryn Hill

Tip #3 - Gratitude Journal

Speaking of being grateful for the now, this is a powerful amplifier for manifesting. The law of attraction also states if we are grateful for what we have now, the universe will multiple that for us. So the more grateful you are, the more you can manifest. Tonight, you can burn a pink candle and get journal material ready. You will on one said of your journal/paper to list your goals and the other said what you're grateful now.

You deserve to live your best life

Remember, you are here to live your dream life. Don't let discouragement from the past hold you back. The number one shows us we can always start a new. You can always start over! Take this days every to really connect with your hearts desire, know you deserve it, and hold gratitude for the journey that has brought you to this point. If you seek further guidance about your goals then book a tarot reading with me. Promise you will no longer feel uncertainty and leave with confidence for your future! Namaste mi gente.

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