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4 Ways to Welcome the Winter Solstice

Updated: May 3, 2022



The winter solstice marks the onset of winter, the time of the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere in terms of daylight. We spiritually are grateful for a ending that brings new beginnings. So how do we celebrate this season? Here are 4 simple rituals to celebrate and welcome in the winter.


1- Gratitude ritual

This one is simple! We are going to hold gratitude for the fall equinox, what growth we saw and how to use that for a new beginning. You'll grab a paper and write down everything the last 3 months have taught you. Then over a white candle you'll burn the letter. Finally you can place cinnamon sticks by your door or window to welcome a new prosperous journey.

2- Create a Solstice altar

Celebrate by decorating! Place a white cloth on your altar. Then fill it with evergreens like cedar, spruce, pine and mistletoe. Next include apple, cinnamon sticks, and/or a small bowl of local honey for sweetness. Finally add gold candles (or green) to represent the return of the light. Sage your space, burn cinnamon incense and meditate with gratitude in your heart.

3- Enjoy a Coquito

It's actually traditional to drink a mule during the holidays. Pero mi gente aint out here with that! We love a good coquito and I have the right bruji that makes them. Check out SweetsbySwan to order a bottle today or for the holidays. It's delicious and not super rum-y!

4- Tarot/Oracle Reading

Yup that's right connecting with the cards can help us see how far we've come. Pull 3 cards out and place menus go as followed: 1-emotional connection to change, 2-lessons learned and 3-where your focus should be on. A season (12 weeks) is more than enough time to see changes happening. Therefore you can connect with the cards to understand the changes and know where to go from there.


Hope you love these rituals. TBH had to make one super Miami Af for my community 🤪 Let me know down below which ones you're excited to try. Or how you like to celebrate a new season. The 4th one is obviously my expertise but if you don't have cards or don't know how to read reach out to book a session! Let's see what this new season even new year have inspired for you. Namaste mi gente


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