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Tarot Scopes



This month we have some interesting astro events. Here I will list the transits and tarot predictions for the signs. Scroll down to see how the stars are aligned for us and what guidance is important right now.


9/6 Virgo New Moon - Focus on manifesting healthy habits, being more organized and asking for exactly what you want

9/10 Venus in Scorpio - Let your freak flag fly! Anything can happen so be open to explore your sexual energy

9/14 Mars enters Libra - people will be eager to partner up. But don’t lay on the pressure—or feel strongarmed into moving faster than you’re comfortable going.

9/20 Pisces Full Moon - Use your imagination to manifest your biggest dreams. It can also inspire a healing conversation that builds a bridge to forgiveness

9/22 Libra Season - seek peace, harmony and balance with style and grace!

9/27 Mercury Retrograde in Libra - Be cautious before you close any deals, make a big purchase, or collaborate with anyone. Be careful how you communicate as well. Our judgment could be skewed for the next few weeks. Avoid jumping to conclusions before you have all the facts


Tarot Predictions for the elements

Fire signs- Aries, Leo, Sag: 4 of wands shows we are building a great foundation for a happy life.

Earth signs- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: 8 of coins lets us know we will be working a lot this month. From many hours or even two jobs!

Air signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Judgement time! This month we will get some kind of revelation, we will see things in a different light so things become different.

Water signs- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: The Wheel of Fortune is a very lucky card. It states the universe is working on our side. Anything we desire can happen! So focus only on the good and pray often.

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