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March Astro Forecast

Updated: May 3, 2022



Do you believe in miracles? Well they might just happen this month due to a few one of a kind transits. For example the infamous Day of Miracles happening 3.05. Hello my Miami people, this is meant for us! Scroll down to read this month's astro forecast, understand wtf is going on and how it can help you.


-March 2nd Pisces new moon

Pisces the day dream, always fantasizing with the heads in the clouds. Maybe this naive trait can be used to manifest our dreamiest goals this month. New moons help us conjure new goals, dreams and intentions so with the pisces vibra I recommend you let your imagination run wild. It's also a great night to receive intuitive messages so be open to get your cards read and even pay attention to your dreams that night.

-March 5th Sun Conjunct Jupiter

This transit is the Days of Miracles event many astrologers look forward to! A very lucky day to manifest your biggest grandest goals. Literally make a wish. Pero don't be afraid to dream big, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth. Go big or go home kinda energy. It also happens to be 3.05 day here in Miami (our area code 305) so mi gente celebrate and make a wish.

-March 10th Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury rules communication, home and technology. Being in Pisces we can be more imaginative than factual. Be aware how you communicate, pisces are very expressive but is it realistic? Pisces being homebody folks we can see ourselves more comfortable to selfcare, take it easy and even binge our new fav Netflix series (FYI Bridgeton returns 3/25). Pisces are also intuitive creatures so be creative like the mermaid in how we receive messages. For instance pulling tarot cards, doing dream work and meditation.

-March 18th Virgo full moon

Full moon phases are meant to help us come full circle, gain clarity in the fog and healing/letting go. Virgo illuminates this month's full moon manifesting a healthy more organized lifestyle. This includes a healthy mental balance too! If you've been thinking of going back to the gym, getting back on track with your diet or even visiting your therapist this month will give us the energy to make it happen.

-March 20th Aries season | Spring Equinox

My favorite season! The sun makes its way to Aries therefore restarting our solar cycle. Which is also spring time! Plant new seeds this spring, summer will show a sprout and by the fall you might have a fruitful harvest. Aries is the leader of the signs being the first one of the zodiac. During Aries season, dive into new things (just like spring) like a creative project, your dream business and even life path.

-March 27th Mercury enters Aries

When Mercury slips away from Pisces and enters Aries, it’s reality check time.

Those dreams and fantasies from Pisces times (that stand a realistic chance) will now be put into action. Thanks to Aries the go getter furiously leader! We will see less talk and more action, maybe even with the help of technology.

-March 31st My birthday!

Ha! Celebrate your favorite bruja by enjoying my favorite things: champagne and chicken nuggets. I accept McDonalds gift cards and Total Wine credit 🤪


This month we can dream big! Use that Pisces imagination to manifest, Jupiter's expansive energy to invoke your luck and Aries spring season towards planting new seeds in 2022. Have faith that the Universe is working in your favor. Anything is possible with a little faith and magic. So let no one take that from you. If you seek further guidance on your journey feel free to work with me! Check out my services this month and reach out if you have any questions. Namaste mi gente.

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