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January Tarot-Scopes



Happy new year mi gente! 2021 was a year of looking inward, deciphering spiritual messages and at the end of December we had a spark of ambition for what we deserve. Entonces the stars are aligned to bring us motivation, hunger for knowledge and how these revaluations of 2021 made us more intentional for 2022. January is as always going to make us slow down and experience each day. Which tbh we need since 2021 was way too fast! Keep reading for this month's astro events, what are they and how they effect us Earthlings.

Astrological Events

Capricorn New Moon 1/2

New moons are great to conjure new projects and it being in goal getter Cap we can manifest anything we are willing to work hard for. What new year changes can creat stability for you in 2022?

Mercury in Aquarius 1/2

Mercury in Reggaeton 1/14 - 2/3

Cancer Full Moon 1/17

North Nodes in Taurus 1/18 - 7/13/2023

Uranus Direct 1/18

Aquarius Season 1/19 - 2/18

Mars enters Capricorn 1/24 - 3/6

Venus Direct 1/29

That's a lot of Information! How are we to maneuver through these transits? Ah ha! And that's when the tarot comes in to brings us clarity and guidance. Find your element and see what the tarot has to say about your January fortune. If you need further guidance I am available for a detailed tarot session.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sag)

5 of coins shows that these retrogrades can get to us. Losing faith, hard to believe that there's a light at the end but there is! Use affirmations, be grateful each day and journal your feelings to help us stay on a more positive faithful path

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

New career opportunities can open up a new path! Juste be mindful how you negotiate and communicate since Mercury will be retrograde.

Air Sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

A new passion project can come your way this month. Overall opportunities that are more connected to what sparks your fire are coming your way! Venus is the planet of what we love and connect with creatively so make sure it checks of what your heart desires.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The hermit shows us that taking solo time to look within is important this month. The retrogrades agree with this card as well. It's a time to take things reassess, think deep and see how your goals connect with what you truly want to manifest this year.

Namaste mi gente!

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