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Sacred Soup



31 Days of brujeria has such unique spells that I even am throwing in una soap! That's right we're making a Magic Sacred Soup! Heres what you'll need for the recipe, you’ll gather your ingredients based on the four elements. Air (more flowing) beans, endive, sage, lemongrass, mace, marjoram, chicory. Fire (passion energy) peppers, onions, rosemary & anything spicy. Water (happiness) any broth or just water and Earth (grounding, balance) salt, barley, corn, potatoes, turnips, grains, beets. Keep in mind you can make your soup you already love and then add one of each element

We're not making a basic soup so the steps are different. Begin by casting a circle with your finger before entering the kitchen and say “In this scared space only good may enter. All that is cooked here is blessed”. Next, bless each element before dropping them in by saying "I consecrate these things of (air, fire, water, earth) to bless and balance this soup with love”. Finally let your sacred soup brew!

Remember to close your circle when you're done by saying “this circle is now ended. The goodnesses remaining”. Your left overs will stay magical so no need to rework the spell when heating it up. Trust a brujx finds magic in every area of their life and I hope you can see that with the 31 Days of Brujeria. If you need more magical support you can book a tarot reading with me.

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