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Magic Wine



Thank you so much for joining me on this 31 Days if Brujeria, we did it! Hope these spells have helped and enriched your magical practices. My blog will have a continue with magic with a monthly spell and a free tarot-scope. By subscribing to my email list you'll get notified for each post, so make sure you're on my Brujx Email list. Here is our final spell for the month, enchanting our wine.

What you'll need: wine, rain water, fire, incense, salt and sugar. Start by placing your bottle down and then casting a circle around it with salt. Next sprinkle the water clockwise, sprinkle the sugar too. Then pass the fire around the bottle and finally the incense. Now say:

"Wine pours in this glass,

to bring an abundant forecast.

More love, memories and cheers

for the next coming years."

Finally pour it up! Happy Halloween mi gente and stay safe.

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