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Affirm it!

Updated: May 3, 2022



Some of you might be familiar with affirmations. They are phrases that are only positive, which help us remain pumped and focused. Plus, they help activate our subconscious mind to help us visualize our goals. I always believed, even if you don't speak to God, you can speak these words to yourself. I personally feel that if I gave these words to a higher power with faith, they will step in to assist me. Totally up to you brujx.

Here are some helpful affirmations, (one for the next seven days to come). If you believe in God, just add these to your prayers every morning. We want to start each day with the right attitude!

I will work on opening my heart for more loving connections

I am ready to receive more blessings into my life

I am coming to a new cycle that is ready for my glow up

I am grateful for all the divine help coming my way

I deserve to live my truth peacefully and lovingly

I can honor my journey with happiness

I will have the most magnificent blessing now

Again speak these when you first wake up. Get creative too! Post them on your story everyday, make it a caption on your post, text them in your group chat, write it on the walls. Prayer and affirmation really help me always manifest what I am seeking. Namaste mi gente!

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