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Psychic Growth

Updated: May 3, 2022



We have 6 more days left for 31 Days of Brujeria! Today we have a spell for psychic powers. You can do this to increase your ability as well. It’s almost Samhain so it’s a good time to increase your psychic communication skills. Here's what you'll need: purple + orange candle, favorite incense and litter/matches.

Arrange a orange and purple candle on a candle holder. The orange candle is for the Samhain season, and the purple is for psychic power. Light the candles and repeat the following charm: “By the power of Mercury, increase my psychic skill, intuitive knowledge now flow smoothly, that is my will. This communication spell is spun from the heart, worked for the good of all, with a Witch’s true art". Let the candles burn out, safely.

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