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Healing Bath

Updated: May 3, 2022



31 Days of Brujeria brings healing magic too! Did you know that you can invoke a healing deity while in a bath to help relieve your illness? Brujx back then would rely on this rather than seeking doctors. I think today you can definitely still use it as part of your medical advice from your doctor. Now don’t go telling people La Bruja del 305 says it cures Corona Virus!

What you’ll need is milk and honey. Start by drawing a warm bath, and add both ingredients in. If you want to add any extra items for aesthetics you can add flowers, herbs &/or fruits. Then lay in your magic bath and speak to your guides. Ask them to heal your body, bring some relief and help you relax. Sit in your bath for as long as you'd like! Know that they are here for you and will help you heal. Namaste mi gente!


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