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Blocked Gossip



31 Day of Brujeria has one more week to go! Today’s spell can help you block gossip from spreading. Plus, feel more confident to not let las envidiosas negative words build your true character. Read below to get all you need for this spell. If you need more support and guidance in life right now reach out to book a tarot reading. I also work 1:1 with brujis trying to learn magic and use it to live their best life!

You’ll need to fill a sachet (small bag) with lavender, rose and, juniper. Bring the sachet to your scared space and say. “By the power of air, protect the knowledge I keep; by the power of fire, give me the will to resist disclosure; by the power of water, was away exposure; by the power of earth, give me the power to be silent. By the spirit of all I hold dear, as I will it, please make it so”. Keep this magical herb bag with you or hang it by your front door.

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