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Blessing Tarot Decks



31 Days of Brujeria is half way through and it would be appropriate to drop this next ritual. Today we have a spell to bless your tarot deck. This is for my tarot readers! There’s so many uniques way to bless you deck but today I want to share this special spell. You’ll need a moonstone, purple cloth and, 3 teaspoons of mugwort.

Lay the purple cloth on your altar with the deck on top, in the center. Then sprinkle the mugwort around the tarot cards clockwise. Next, hold your moonstone between your palms, whisper into your hands “awaken with light, moonstone scared and bright". Place the stone on top of the deck. Fold the fabric in to cover the cards, try not to let any herbs or the stone slip out. Then say “By magical herb and stone, I empower thee, new tarot. Assist me in my divination, provide me with clear and focused readings. So mote it be”. Leave the wrapped tarot deck on your altar over night .

The next day you can start to play with your cards. Take your time learning how to read them and connect with your intuition. This is how someone becomes a great reader! Not by memorizing all the cards but by connecting to them Intuitively. Enjoy bruji! If you seek guidance from the tarot book a reading with me. Jut hit the Book Tarot Reading tab.

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