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For todays 31 Days of Brujeria we have a unique protection tool ritual. A hexenspiegel is a small mirror used as a protective charm to reflect away negative magicks, evil eye, or other bad envidia. It comes from German folk magick! Hexenspiegel translate to “witch’s mirror”. See the mirror as a special protection tool you can keep at home because bad vibes typically will always land in your safe space aka home.

To make your own hexenspiegel use any plain mirror. Charge it by sprinkling salt on it, pass it through the heat of a flame, dab water on it and pass incense around it. Place the hexenspiegel down and say “mirror, mirror, on the wall, answer my protective call. Turn away the magick black, with all your power, please send it BACK!”. The mirror may be suspended from cords infant of your home, by a window, fastened to walls or if very small work as jewelry.

If you need guidance and more support book a tarot reading with me! I also work 1:1 with folks to help them on their spiritual journey with custom brujx work. You can learn more by click the Service tab on my site.

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