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Global Warming



31 Day of Brujeria is here to help Mother Earth. And guess what Global Warming is REAL!! Which last night I was talking about it with one of my brujx friends. It’s scary the changes we see but crazier that not a lot of people are actually empathetic about our planet. More importantly the future we’re setting up for generations to come. Here’s a spell to help buffer the weather.

You’ll need a small bowl of cold water, a small bowl of hot water, a large bowl, and some twigs. Pour the hot and cold water into the large bowl. Dip the twigs in the tepid water and flick it in a circle around you, saying “Not too hot, not too cold: just right. Not too wet, not too dry: just right. As above, so below: just right!”. When you're done toss the water out in nature.

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