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Black Christmas



31 Day of Brujeria has very unique spells that you would never think "I am doing brujeria with this". So here's the perfect example! Y’all know we get slightly annoyed when these stores already get holiday decorations up way too early. But a crafty brujx will use it to their advantage. The dollar tree should have some crystal clear ornaments on sale so go get one!

What you’ll do is fill up your crystal ornaments with what ever it is you want to manifest. It can be literal or use herbs that attract that goal. For example basil and cinnamon is great for money! Cloves and sugar for love. But you can also add an actual dollar in it or a love note to your future soul mate. What do you want to manifest? Comment below and I’ll give you ideas for what to stuff yours with. Btw hang it afterwards in your home near a window or door.


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