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Animal Reiki



31 Day of Brujeria starts now! Each day I will post a spell for you to enjoy and conjure yourselves. Let me know what you think or have any request


First spell will be simple and easy! We are going to worship our pets and if you don’t have any you can worship your favorite creature so they send you blessings

For pet owners: relax in a comfy spot with your pet on your lap. Burn your favorite incense and close your eyes. Now place your hands on your pet. Focus on sending them loving energy, tell them how much you love them. Then thank them for being your furry bestie and stay in this meditation for 5-10 minutes. End it with a kiss on their head.

For animal lovers: place pictures, drawings or statues (anything that represents the animal) on your altar. Burn your favorite incense, play some music and take a moment to be grateful for the animal spirit. Ask them to protect you and bring you one with nature. If you’d like to have a furry friend ask them to bless you with one! Hold these thoughts in meditation for 5-10 minutes. Namaste

Hope this spell speaks to you and can even help you manifest a furry bff.

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