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Bye Envidiosa



31 Days of Brujeria is here to protect your energy! Sometimes you just gotta remove a bitch from your life...and Brujeria is here to help! You’ll need either the persons name, a small object of theirs or picture. Plus, foil and a black candle. If you’re writing their name, a small paper and pen will be needed.

Place the object in the center of the foil. Close up the foil by folding it 7 times in a square (not a crumbled ball). Light the black candle and drip wax along the closure of the packet while chanting “No longer can you enter my life, no longer can you cause me strife, on I’ve you go, on ice you stay, go you now away this day”. Place the packet in the back of your freezer and leave it there. Buh Bye envidiosas!

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