Had some fun interviews with so many great people. A few have been with local podcasters, others are from Miami news and the local paper. Each story is very unique and true to my bruja spirit. Click through each one to hear my interviews, learn more about my story, and the evolution of my work as Miami's favorite bruja.




My first interview was with Voyage Mia. A beautiful magazine creating unity within our community by highlighting local artist, food, culture & more. Click here to read my story.


Mama I made it! Loved this because it brought together different brujxs and their personal stories. Click here to read more about our journey.

Miami NewTimes

Once again The Miami New Times features a collective of spiritual healers. Bringing a spotlight to the brujx that you can find in Miami thanks to EleventhHouse. Check it out here and learn about our services.

C'est Chic Broadcast

Tune in to hear Hattie and I talk about remaining positive and the tools that can help you in the new year.


The amazingly talented journalist Jacque invited me to talk a little bit about what it's like being a bruja and what does it mean to identify as one. Click here to tune in!


Colombian American journalist Christina Portilla brought me and Valerie Mesa on her podcast to talk about our work and what it's like being a modern day bruja. Click here to hear all the tea that was spilled.

Deco Drive

Thanks to EleventhHouse our tarot and astrology work was featured as a story on Deco Drive. Watch and learn more about the monthly party that brings brujx to la gente del 305.

Media Noche Miami

Me and two Cubanita just chismiando about brujeria, astrology, and Hialeahs finest. Plus, I read some cards for mi gente. Watch and listen here.




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