Viro New Moon

Updated: Feb 1

Rise up for the first Super Moon of the next three we will experience before we receive the solar eclipse in December. Super moons are the closest ones to reach Earth, literally. Don't worry she will not fall on us, she is closer to heal us, earthlings. With this being a Virgo new moon it has a little more power to help us focus and manifest from a healing heart. We also want to keep in mind that Mars is retrograde during this moon phase. What does this mean for us?

Mars is making us think more about our journey. You might be questioning your reality, your actions and are they compatible to what you want in life. It reminds me of The Judgement tarot card; revaluation, revival and rejuvenation. Things are viewed differently so they become different. I think we can take this Virog new moon energy to harness does intentions. Let's focus on exactly what we want, and ask the moon to help us.

Here's a simple moon ritual for my Baby Brujx to channel the moon's energy and take their power back from this retrograde. You will need:

a gold & white candle

rain water

your favorite Incense

dried Lavender or cinnamon

paper and pen

Besides the paper and pen, each of these items represents the four elements (fire, water, air, earth). Using the elementals help amplify your rituals and spell work. Start by burning your candles and incense and then start to write a letter to the moon. Yes, you read that right, when I said "ask the moon to help us" I was serious. "Dear super moon"... (write exactly what you want here) hah but seriously write it like you're asking someone for assistance. Once you finished it sprinkle your lavender on the letter and fold it four times. Then sprinkle rainwater on it, pass it through the incense and quickly through the fire. You can keep the letter or if you have some flowers or plants you want to grow place the letter under your planter.

The fact that Covid-19 is occurring makes every move questionable. I know it's not easy but perspective has helped me a lot. I literally did everything based on this pandemic and it took me nowhere. Once I said FUCK THAT and start to get back on track with my life I felt relief and calmness. I feel this Virgo new moon will help you heal, focus and plan out your journey. The retrograde creating revaluations manifest the hope to take control back. This is your journey so live it to what your heart desires. Namaste mi gente.

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