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Updated: Feb 1

Wow caballero we legit experienced or last full moon of the decade. Time flies when we're doing good for ourselves. Hope mi gente are loving this December challenge, we're on our 3rd week and things are about to get serious. Last week we combined healing and manifestation with the full moon in gemini, now we're going to organize our goals. Sure we want it all, but what is more of a priority right now?

This week lets start by looking at our overall goal. From there ask yourself what do I want from this goal? Is it more money, happiness, love, completion? Then list 4 major points that can help you in the coming months. For example the right connections, a work space, marketing, a website and so on. This is going to help us think like a Virgo (look at all the details and create a game plan).

For each lets say mini challenge, I want us to include it in our manifestation board. Thats right we're doing vision boards! TBH one of my favorite projects. We want the vision board to have a main goal and include in each corner the 4 major keys that you need right now to manifest your dreams.

you'll need:

poster board





*any fun stickers*

Put in your schedule a good hour or two to be relaxed and focused for this fun project. On your poster board you'll put everything you want to manifest. Again the 4 corners will be the important factors that help build your goal (people, places or things). The center will have anything that is very direct driven for example being your own boss. Then go through old magazines and look at photos, phrases, anything that pops to you as representing what you want, cut it out and glue it to your board. Just incase, you can write certain mantras and affirmations for instance "I am ready to receiving more blessings this year". Make sure to have fun with this and not take it too serious, let it flow to you mama. When you are done, hang it somewhere you can see it everyday. That way you are pumped and on go EVERYDAY!

Trust me y'all, I can feel this new decade being the one! I have so much I am looking forward too and I cannot wait to start on my vision board. What will La Bruja del 305 be bringing her genet in 2020? Stay tuned there's a lot of fun activities I am going to manifest. If you need help with your vision board, shoot me an email and let's get this bag brujx!

Namaste mi gente

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