Tarot of the Week: The Tower

card of the week: the tower

CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!!! For the better mi amor, the tower hits hard with major energy for changes around us. This card carries the energy from the fiery and passionate planet Mars. Meaning an enormous amount of energy is expended in a situation.

This card hits us with flashes of intuition and/or a revelations of insight. Tune into does bruja powers mama because its going to come in handy this week. What ever the situation maybe think before putting in so much energia for change. Don't worry how, that is the universe job to take care of you!

Besides hitting us with revelations, changes, and intuitive bruja powers, this card being The Tower (hello its obvi) it means change at the home. If you've been considering moving, even making improvements at home this is the sign you need.

Making changes whether at home or for a new venture, The Tower card overall is here to give you that spark of energy to make it happen.

Love this tarot reading but want to know exactly how it'll effect? I got you! book an appointment today for our own bruja session. I'll give you the tea about whats going on, what can help your or whats blocking you plus how making changes will empower your life for the best!

Namaste mi gente!

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