Tarot of the Week: The Magician

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Card of the week: The Magician

New week who this? That's the attitude you're going to have after reading this post. The Magician is all about taking control of ones life. From the home to their everyday work, it'll feel like you're the only HBIC up in here!

The Magician is also know for being a great symbol for all healers and doctors. Whether a bruja healer or an MD this card is here for you. It reminds us to keep ourselves tuned in to our conscious mind and try to harness the power of el universo and/or the power of education because once you do you'll be so potent for success.

Along side The Magician, you'll feel like you can do anything with Wednesdays New Moon. Its a really lit time to start a new venture plus the new moon is extremely lucky due to it being placed right in the middle of a major fixed star alignment. (Check out my New Moon in Gemini post for all the detz and how to conjure up some real brujeria.)

What does this new moon and magician card me for us this week? Simple, Its the best time to start that business venture you've been wanting to do, and even starting to take care of yourself with una nueva dieta, or a meal prep routine.

Want to know how this Magician card and new moon will affect you? Book a tarot session today!

Namaste mi gente

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