Tarot of the week: The Hierophant

card of the week: The Hierophant

Wow what a beautiful month for love! Since the first week of our love readings we've received nothing but positivity. Plus the New moon in Cancer amplified that TLC we all needed to be able to love even more. Now we have The Hierophant, which at times mean marriage....what?! Lets break it down and see what the universe is trying to tell us.

The Hierophant is the sign of the Taurus, so think stability, patience and traditional values. If you are single but looking for a bae the universe is ready to give you someone who represents these Taurus vibes. Pero, you need to let go of that fuckboy, so don't be stubborn like the negative side of a Taurus and be open for a true, karmic relationship. At times it is hard to let go of situations that we are use to. If you cant let it go, it will continue to block you from receiving more deserved love.

If you are already with bae, this is the sign that they are the real deal. Like a Taurus, they believe in traditional values like respecting their partner and looking to the future. They are not dating you solo para jodar y gastar tu tiempo. This is the major marriage card from the tarot deck, is this person really the one? Take your time this week to hold gratitude for having real love and try to see if you really do see yourself with this person. Even if its not marriage, is this relationship ready for the next level?

Really use this time to think about where you're current situation can take you. We are stepping into a Mercury Retrograde, so do not leap without looking at every detail. Whether you're single or taken this card is giving you a serious love message. Want to know exactly how it effects you? Book my Bae or Nae love reading, till Aug.1st its only $25, thats $10 off the original price! So lets get together and see whats the tea.

Namaste mi gente

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