Tarot of the Week: El Mundo

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Tarot of the week: El Mundo

The world card is here to slay along side the Sagittarius full moon!

Saturn was the last planet that could be viewed by the naked eye. So Saturn became to represent boundaries, limits and restrictions.

El Mundo is the final card of the major arcana therefore suits its planet being Saturn. Moreover, completion and fulfillment due to all the work being put in. This card shows expansion and growth from every area of our lives. Thats why it matches our Sagittarius Full Moon tonight, its all about expansion and gaining new connections by searching every area around us and more.

Tonight can be the perfect time to harness this tarot reading! Use the energy of the moon to make everything around you be filled with more magic. Check out my Full Moon In Sagittarius blog post for all the tea girl.

Namaste mi gente

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