Tarot of the Week: 6 of swords

card of the week: 6 of swords

Say #boybye to Mercury Retrograde, and hello to your sanity. This week we can feel all the anxiety, stress and miscommunication lifted away. As well as, really amazing about making the right moves without walking on eggshells. Plus, the 6 of swords is here to amplify that positive energy. It navigates us away from the rough waters and into new territory, so lets jump into it and feel the new vibes of the week.

The 6 of swords is depicted by a man on a boat being navigated into the ocean. Does this mean miami boat party for all of us? Internally, yes, but more importantly this card is a sign that we are now moving away from what no longer serves us. At the same time, it means you might start a new opportunity in a city surrounded by water or very metropolitan, so think Biscayne BLVD girl. Moreover, this card came at the perfect time, right after Mercury Retrograde because I would not accept any new ventures during that astrologic mess of an event.

Overall, I want y'all to feel all the good vibes again and be happy with this weeks tarot reading. Besides the card coming after M.R. it also hits us right before the New Moon In Pisces we'll be having next Sunday. New opportunity, New Moon, New me, who this?! Want to know what new ventures await you, or if they have been presented to you, which one is the right one for you? Book a tarot session with me, we'll see what the universe is ready to give you.

Namaste mi gente,

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