Tarot of the Week: 6 of Cups

card of the week: 6 of cups

Girl?!....how is it that for the 1st love reading of the month the tarot shows people from the past coming back....#boybye. Yea I know that is your initial thought but you jumped the gun. Hang on in there mama I'm going to spill the tea real hot!

The 6 of cups shows people from the past coming back into your life, but for the better. If you need some support to take this info in lean to a family member or the realist bitch you got. This person can feel that nostalgic vibe that made them feel like a child aka dwell on it. Did you let something die quick? Was it enough or are you missing something from this bond?

Before saying yes or even hell no, take some time to take it in and digest. Ask yourself the important question. Is this really here to help me or hurt me? Like I said lean to you bff for support and if you're seeing a therapist this is the best time to talk about it.

Want to really know why this person is coming back into your life and how it will effect your journey? Book my Bae or Nae reading today! I'll be your bruja to lean on.

Namaste mi gente

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