Tarot of the Week:4 of cups

card of the week: 4 of cups

We're at the end of July, my love focus month and I got y'all with a deep, but must have reading. The past 3 weeks we've seen very positive love readings and today it is time for us to get a reality check. Its a bitter sweet way to end July with. The 4 of cups is all about letting go, for the better. "Pero, girl you told us this whole month to say yes to love?!" I did and still am, but today it is more about self love and how that will manifest more love into your life.

Are you still holding on to a person or relationship? Girl, today decide to let go and I promise it will be the best move you will make this week. By holding on to the past you are creating blockage for more love. This month we have had such a huge love energy flowing and I promise it is still there but by you not letting go, you will be at a stand still. The 4 of cups is forecasting a negative hoarding energy, but this is the sign you need to end things that no longer serve you.

Like I said, July has been an amazing love month. The universe is still handing you the opportunity for true love. Pero por favor, let go of that F*ckboy and hold gratitude for new love plus the love that still flows around you from family and friends. Want to know a bit more about your love life? Book a tarot session with me and we'll see if there is anything blocking or helping you.

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