Tarot of the Week: 3 of coins

card of the week: 3 of coins

Who is feeling the summer lovin' vibes? This month has some serious love energy flowing. Every card I've pulled has been a strong, positive vibe in the love department. Trust this one is too! Lets jump right into it with love and gratitude.

The 3 of coins has different meanings but when it comes out in a love reading, la cosa esta seria. The 3 of coins represents a love relationship taking it to the next level, but more serious possibly marriage? Or maybe just moving in together, lets not get crazy here girl. Which is wild due to us having our New Moon in Cancer last Friday, where we used that cancer family loving vibe. Did we really just manifest this sis?! YAASSSS BETCH!

Just to add a lil side note, at times this card can also show us putting more work into something we value a lot. So if you are feelin your bae right now make sure you're showing them love and gratitude. If you're single this is a sign; PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! Sorry girl but maybe you're not doing enough. This week focus on what you really want in a partner and give it to the universe to help you manifest it, because they're out there for you, trust.

Want to get a one on one bruja tarot session with me? Lets figure out whats going on in the love department for you. Book online my Bae or Nae reading and we'll see whats the tea.

Namaste mi gente

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