Tarot of the Week: 2 of Wands

card of the week: 2 of wands

Confident, and not cocky about our futures? Yes mawma, come through! Last week we had a flood gate of new opportunities open up for us. It definitely came in divine timing because we told Mercury Retrograde #boybye! This weeks reading is moving us on to the next step: looking at the game plan. In the 2 of wands we see a person who is in control of their life.

At this time you might have an influential person who motivates you to make the right moves. Please continue to hold on to them because they are here to help! That doesn't mean to give your power away. Always be the one in control of your own life. Especially this week, take the time to look at the future and how you want things to manifest for you.

This card shows success for the long run with the right amount of planning. You are looking at the big picture! Keep it up and you'll see how the universe is going to reward you. Want to know if theres anything helping you or who can be the right mentor for you? Book a tarot session with me and we'll get down to it!

Namaste mi gente.

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