Tarot of the Week: 2 of Coins

tarot card of the week: 2 of coins

Aaaand I am back y'all! I took a much needed mini vaca and feel so refreshed. Thank you for your patience, I have our weekly tarot reading ready for us. This reading matches the energy of the New Moon we'll be having this week on Monday October 8th. The 2 of coins is all about balance and so is the new moon in Libra. Let's jump into it and see what kind of magic is waiting for us.

The 2 of coins starts of by showing us new prosperity in our lives. The more money you'll receive, the more you'll spend, so that is where we connect to balance. Mama we can't spend it as fast as it comes! At the same time, it can mean that we have our focus on 2 different ideas and need to create a better balance to create a 3rd power house to be successful. Basically, we all need a good work hard, play hard adjustment.

Listen, I want all of us to succeed, so here is the tea. Use your energy wisely, when you're in control of your life you're leading yourself onto the path you want to be on. Balance is everything in life. We have an opportunity with the new moon to get back on track. If you feel like certain parts of your life need adjustment check out my Libra New Moon post. There you'll see the opportunity to create the balance you need and let go of unnecessary things. Not sure what area in your life needs balance? Book a tarot session with me and we'll figure it out together.

Namaste mi gente.

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