Tarot of the Week: 10 of wands

card of the week: 10 of wands

Happy August everybody! We are already half way through 2018 and so far this year has been all about new projects. Sometimes when we put in so much work for something we believe in, it can start building different questions. Whether negative or positive its always about OMG WHEN WILL THIS MANIFEST?! This weeks tarot reading is all about reaching the end goal so lets jump right into it.

The 10 of wands is here to tell ya'll that annoying burden is about to be lifted. The light still shines so good at the end of your goal even if right now it doesn't feel that way. The universe sees you striving and working hard for your dreams especially a specific project you've put so much energy into. This is the sign that you're almost there, just hang on tight mama. The 10s in any tarot card represent the completion of a situation, and when one ends a new one is presented to you with so much love.

Since we are in Mercury retrograde use your energy to think before you leap. You don't want a risky move to come back to you in a negative way. Just keep working and focus on the main goal and I promise you will get it! Want to know how to reach your goals? Book my Career goals tarot session and we'll see whats working for you, whats blocking you and how to continue to succeed.

Namaste mi gente

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