Tarot of the Week: 10 of Swords

card of the week: 10 of swords

October has been blessing us with so much healing. The new moon we had last week set the tone and it aint going to stop anytime soon. This weeks card is also setting the tone for all the positive vibes. Plus, when we starts healing we start to open up the path for new creations. So be ready to soak in all the October magic and say yes to the universe unconditional love for the better.

The 10 of swords is here to tell us not to worry anymore. We have gotten to the end of a hard road and are now in the path of healing. In the traditional image of the 10 of swords we see a man on the ground with 10 swords stabbing through him, they are hitting his chakra points. Meaning you have started from the bottom, the darkest pits and are about to rise only to the brightest light. You are now transmuting all the hardship to astonishing growth.

Now is the time to hold gratitude for every little thing. Being grateful is a major key for success because the more grateful you are, the more the universe will start to give you. If you want to know more in depth how this weeks card will effect you book a tarot session with me. We'll see what's helping you, if there's anything blocking you and ultimately where are you headed.

Namaste mi gente.

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