Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn

June 28 Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn

This Capricorn Full Moon has some serious light to shine on our long term goals, and how we manifest them they way we want! Even does viejo New Year, New Me goals (yes girl I know you forgot but now is the time). Pero lets try to ultimately get back on track without missing a beat.

You might think "Damn The Full Moon must be wild due to us having 5 RETROGRADES". Thats right 5 retrogrades starting with dinero Jupiter, fiery Mars, hazy Neptune, karma is a bitch Pluto and the task maker Saturn. Don't be scared they're actually here to give us some planetary assistant. Their retrograde is slow and steady so it gives you time to look back, channel your true goal and prepare.

Especially it being in steady Capricorn you know its time to make some serious #goals manifest. With that said we're jumping into our ritual for this Full Moon. Last New Moon we did a simple spell for new business ventures. Remember you wrote down the name of your business, and what tools you need to succeed. Tonight you'll need to be very true and specific than you were during our last new moon.

You'll need

  • -1 orange candle

  • -1 green candle

  • -Incense any of these 3 work Basil Cardamon Patchouli

Light your candles and take a moment to meditate. Ask yourself "What do I really want and how do I want to receive these gifts from the universe?" Sit in silence, let your inner self tell you EXACTLY what you need for example a specific person, class, place or tools. Once you have it locked in take a sheet of paper and write down EXACTLY what you want and EXACTLY how you'll receive it even the people or tools. When you're done hold it close to you heart and be grateful for your future success. Keep this close to where you sleep or if you have an altar place it on top.

Remember, the Capricorn Full Moon is here shedding some light on what we really want, and these retrogrades are helping us win the race slow and steady. Pero how will this full moon really affect me?! Book an appointment today and lets see what the cards have to say.

Namaste Mi gente

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