Stepping into the Tarot part II

Updated: Feb 1

Last week we started learning how to start getting into the tarot. If you missed it here is the first part of the Baby Bruja lesson. We talked about how to get your first deck, how to program it to assist you and to pull cards everyday. Finally, we ended with intuition. The most important tool you can use when you are tirando las cartas.

Intuition is your inner voice that knows the truth to everything. Some of y'all might know by that feeling in your gut, or having an eerie feeling when certain situations are presented to you. Remember a specific time you had this, and you were right! That's intuition, your spiritual guide trying to help you make the right decisions, it will never fail you. So how do we use intuition during readings?

When you go through your tarot book guide you will see the meaning of each card. You will also learn they have have multiple meanings. As well as, the messages alter when they are next or near certain cards. For example, you may get the lovers card ( true love) next to the 8 of coins (work card) which can mean an affair at work or you finding love at work. Here is where your intuition shines. Depending on the situation, it is up to you to interpret the true message.

When you practice your intuitive power, it will be so easy for you to decipher the reading. One way is to always listen to that gut feeling and respond to it right away. The more you do this, the more it will expose itself to you because it now knows you trust your inner voice. Another way is to use crystals everyday in your witchy life. The crystal for intuitive and third eye is amethyst. I have one on my table when ever do readings, and I keep one next to my bed along with my tarot deck. This nifty dream work spell helps me get visions during my sleep and in doing so amplifies my clairvoyance (which I've had since I was a child).

Finally, when you have been practicing your intuitive power, take 3 cards and listen to your intuition. Try to receive the overall message with the cards as one, not individually. This is how you will create your signature tarot readings. If someone is a true reader, they will never question your method of reading or why you felt a card has a different meaning then it traditionally has. This just means that you are now a intuitive reader and not just a slinger of the tarot.

Remember, buy your deck, cleanse it and program it! Start to practice not only your deck but your intuition. If you feel this is something you really want to do dedication is important. Practice everyday, I would wake up and ask the cards what would my day be like (by pulling 3 cards) so I can get personal and learn. After a while I did weekly readings (7 cards for each day of the week) for me and once I felt more confident I would ask the cards about serious questions I had and moved on to reading friends. Everything in life takes hard work, practice, and dedication! You have to be strict with yourself but never forget it is for a better version of yourself, isn't that exciting! I am excited for your journey and I believe in your magic, just like you believe in mines, thank you.

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