Stepping into the Tarot

Updated: Feb 1

This post is dedicated to my doppelgänger Gaby, hey boo! She reached out to me this past week asking how to get into the tarot. It is very simple, the tricky part is your dedication to it. I personally was inspired to use it as a tool after a friend and I did a reading about a mutual home girl. After I saw everything gradually happen I knew I wanted to do this!

First off, f*ck the rumors that someone needs to gift you the tarot, if you want to use them just buy them like I did. I recommend getting the OG Riders deck because once you have this deck down any other set of cards will come easy to you. Plus, a lot of the new decks might have way too much added info that comes from the creators POV, not so much traditional intuitive meanings. Once you have your deck, cleanse it with some sage and meditate with them (it doesn't have to be 30 minute session). Sit down holding your deck, close your eyes and focus on your deck being your new intuitive tool. Focus on the deck bringing you the messages that you need to receive when ever you use them, whether for you or someone else.

After you have cleansed and programmed them (with your meditation) you may now jump into your new magical tool. Go through the deck, look at all the cards illustration, enjoy how they feel and be grateful for their power. The deck always comes with a book which is an important guide for beginners. Don't feel like you have to cram all this information in so quickly. At first I thought "bitch I have to learn 78 cards?!" but that's not exactly what happened. Instead I shuffled the cards, pulled some out, read their meaning and really understood them. Every damn day!

This was the best way for me to learn how to use the tarot and it eventually became natural. I didn't start reading people till maybe a year later (with out using my guide). Everyone loved the cards and really believed me! Not the cards, me! That is when you know you are connecting with your cards intuitively. Sure you can learn all the info in the book but that's not what counts. The more you play with them, the more you will see how the cards are like a puzzle. Connecting with one another in that moment to tell a story to the seeker.

Therefore, the most important thing to know when using the tarot is using your intuition. And on that note this is part 1 of using the tarot, (yup I'm a total tease). Next week I will dive into how to use your intuition to read the tarot. From what truly is intuition to exercises to amplify your intuitive power. Congrats on taking the first brujx steps towards the tarot, trust you will fall in love with them just like I have. Namaste mi gente.

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