September's Tarot-Scope

Excited to read this month's Tarot-Scope to mi gente! A lot has been going on so I believe clarity from las cartas and stars is much needed. I pulled out a card for each zodiac sign and looked at their horoscope as well. This is a special way to read a person so I hope it connects with you. Let's get excited for the rest of 2020 and stay positive about our overall futures.

Aries: 3 of coins with the sky alignment- This month is a great time to manifest your money and love goals! Yes, you can manifest both but with that said they each need work. For money don't dip into too many projects. Yes, you will get excited to make more money due to a Jupiter square off but you need to remember to relax, be patient, and have balance. For love throughout the month, you will be challenged to take care of yourself in order to manifest great relationships. There might be an imbalance of giving and take but that's part of your personal growth. The 3 of coins always show great success for career-minded folks and proof of a strong love relationship that comes from hard work.

Taurus: 4 of wands with the sky alignment- A lot of happiness and good news comes this month. This card asks you to celebrate life with the ones you love while waiting for success. The stars too show you'll have big changes that come with major self-awareness for what you want out of life. The Full moon this month will even multiple your friends' circle, positive growth, and life-changing events. The 4 of wands denote good news, especially unexpected ones. So Taurus please be open-minded.

Gemini: The Tower with the sky alignment- chaos comes with the major changes. The stars say it is a good time to lean on someone special for love and support. Venus is on your side to strengthen your bond plus help you through this. At work, change comes from being tested by authority figures to prove yourself. Keep calm and stick to basics! This will help you prove yourself for potential growth. The tower can be hard at first but its what you've been praying for right?

Cancer: The Magician with the sky alignment- Taking control of our life is a major key point for this card. It feels like nothing can get in your way! You are on a mission to set yourself up for success. The stars are aligned to help you express yourself freely and in some way it's liberating! Sun trine in Uranus sparks your intuition and invokes you to be quirky and weird as you should be. Still, you are focused to stay on track, work hard, and look at the bigger picture; "What do I want?" You are on a journey to continue to fall in love with your true self.

Leo: The World with the sky alignment- You are almost there! Completion and fulfillment are on the way. Mercury is on your side to manifest new connections and friendships. Is there a relationship that needs better communication? Well, Mercury is here to help! This month it's important to look at the relationships you have and how they benefit you. You're entering a new cycle which only needs the real ones. So who are they?

Virgo: 4 of coins with the sky alignment- Don't be greedy. Or are you scared of letting go? We all know there's always something else out there so why hold this from yourself. Insecurity is a big part of it but this month I want you to really dig deep. Be inspired by this stimulating change (thanks to Uranus). Find out why are you sabotaging your future. It's ok to let go of who you were, a new better version of you awaits! This doesn't mean the old you ain't it but it does mean you can look back at them to see how much you've grown.

Libra: The Hierophant with the sky alignment- Traditional values are important right now. A new partnership (for work) will be fruitful and keep you super busy. From meetings to travel you will be busy! For love relationships, we are spending more time with our thoughts. Am I ready to take the next step (whatever that may be) or am I doing enough for it? Either way, you'll find a grounding stage that can help flourish your bond.

Scorpio: King of Cups with the sky alignment- Completion of an emotional time arises. You have worked through any problems that stem from passion. This year in general is about adapting to changes and Scorpio you must respond quick! The key is to be openminded and willing. This month you will be more emotionally grounded to the changes and feel more like you found a resolution on an emotional level.

Sagittarius: The Sun with the sky alignment- You might have spent the beginning of 2020 asking yourself what do I really want out of life? And maybe losing yourself over it. Having faith in you and looking inward is what's going to help you be happy. The Sun is here to shine a new life on your journey! What was once the darkness finally has some glorious light beaming through. New ventures will start to grow, ones that are rooted in who you truly are.

Capricorn: 4 of Swords with the sky alignment- You will need to be patient and trust your blessings are coming. You might be mentally and physically tired but you can't let this set you back. It seems negative thoughts continue to manifest in your mind. Ultimately manifesting your reality. The Sun this month enters certain sections of your life to bring some clarity. So pay attention to all the signs! That is God trying to guide you and show themselves to you. You are not forgotten, please be patient.

Aquarius: 7 of Swords with the sky alignment- Las envidiosas are out. Keeping things to yourself are very helpful right now. Especially if you notice new opportunities on the horizon. The changes (and stress) this year have brought inspired you to say "IDGAF" and do as you please. This has the haters pretty mad! So it is important that you don't share your moves with no one and do as you please. Stay weird Aquarius!

Pisces: 3 of cups with the sky alignment- This month-long you will spent it celebrating continuous wins! Strong female support is right by you to keep the party going. You've been on a self-discovery journey that has removed blockage and therefore manifest new opportunities. Continue to learn more about who you really are and keep asking yourself "who am I?". Nothing can stop you on this journey.

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