Scorpio New Moon

Updated: Feb 1

Tomorrow night we have a New Moon in Scorpio. New moons are a time to manifest new goals, spell and dreams we've been craving for. We look at the astrology sign to give us more of a detailed look as to what can help us to have a successful moon phase. I hope you're ready to bring your dreams to reality with the moon! Especially with the magic ritual I am going to give mi gente!

So let's look at Scorpio the water sign we're experiencing right now. They love to keep things to themselves, so you won't hear them chanting their plans. They're more of the secret agenda type which works in their favor. Scorpio's also go through multiple metamorphoses that help them grow. Therefore, they don't fear death (change), and are excited for a new journey. That's why the phoenix represents a Scorpio! Through tough battles it falls and rises from the ashes.

For this new moon we want to look at these attributes. Look inward to see what we've gone through. Are we ready to understand does life lessons so in return we clear our path to manifest a new life? At the same time, let's keep these powerful self growth and rebirth to ourselves. La's envidiosas are watching! Scorpios may be weird but they ain't wrong about moving in silence. Here's what you'll need for the ritual:

purple or white candle

salt water

Incense of your choice

pen and paper (or your journal)

First, for the salt water just mix salt and water from your kitchen nothing fancy. Go put it outside where you can see the moon, if you can't that's ok just leave it outside. Next, burn your candle and incense. Play some music to set the mood as well. Then, in your journal or on paper you'll make two list. One for what you've gone through this year (spiritually, emotionally, mentally), and the other for what that has taught you about what you want now. Take your time, really look deep inside of you and ask why would I want this now? Keep asking why till you've reached the root! Once your list is done and you feel great about it go outside to fetch your water. Which you'll then sprinkle all over your space and on yourself. Let the moon water cleanse you and prep you for new beginnings.

My favorite kind of magic is moon magic. Each phase has its special time that helps us really look at things in time frames. You can manifest at a new moon, then the waxing phase do more work to amplify your goals, at full moon reflect how you've emotionally connected to your goals and waning how far you've come. Manifesting your dream life is easy and comes in so many different forms! I am here to prove that to you! Trust and believe my bruja magic will change your life. Just do the practices and you'll see I am that witch!

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