Rebirth of the Supreme

Updated: Feb 1

The past six months I went through it! I lost my partner, had to move into a new groove, and put my business on pause because everything became overwhelming. On Sundays I preach about self love, mental wellness, and being gentle to yourself so I had to take my own advice during this time. By my 30th birthday (yea 30 looks this good) I became more aware of who I am and forgot that I have to make this girl (hello me) proud 110%! I jumped back to taking more private appointments, getting back on track with my daily rituals, and thinking of different ways to make my business be more.

Last week I had a revelation. I remembered why I do this; because I want to help mi gente heal with my bruja magic. In my mind and heart I knew I had to give ya'll something really special. After my interview at Meet Them Mondays I noticed a lot of y'all had questions about how to start your journey in modern witchery. Plus, a few clients always ask me what can they do (magic wise) to manifest their dreams into reality.

THAT WAS IT! "I have to teach mi gente to heal" I thought to myself! When you learn how to personally love, heal, and grow within, you will start to be on the right path. Therefore, I created this new category on my blog called Baby Bruja. I will teach everyone how to tune into their intuition in many different ways. And guess what? You are a part of it too! How? Wednesdays on my Instagram story I will put up a questionnaire and you drop a topic you would like to learn more of.

I will pick one to teach that coming Sunday and hopefully you gain some healing, loving, and powerful. Make sure to be subscribed to my newsletter that way you get it straight in your inbox. Thank you for believing in my magic, thank you for supporting me, and thank you for your patience. The Tarot Queen has arrived.

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