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Protect Drip



31 Days of Brujeria! Remember, if you have a request drop it in the comments below. This blog is always filled with fun witchy tips and this month is exactly that! The spells are simple for my baby brujx who are stepping into magic. Just like todays spell! Keep reading to get a protection spell.

Start by grabbing a small bowl (or cup), fill it with water, add salt and Florida water. Now stir! You’ll get this mixture and sprinkle it around your home, work, &/or yourself. This mixture will protect you and only bring loving vibes. If someone is being mean or rude to you, this will work to remove them and block their negative attitude from your life.

Remember I have tarot readings sessions available. Virtually for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. For in person readings you can find me at local shops and events. I will always share where I am at on my newsletter so make sure you're on my email list. Namaste mi gente!


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