Power of Prayer

Updated: Feb 1

Ask and you shall receive is the realist sentence you will ever hear. If you don't know, your words hold very strong energy. Whether you voice positive or negative phrases. It connects you with your higher power, to therefore manifest your dreams. Which ever religion you believe in, it always tells us God wants you to live your best life but they cannot interfere unless you speak to them. Here is how to speak with God to manifest your biggest desires.

My minimalist witchy self first tip is obvi a simple one, speak to God. Talk to them like they are your bestie whether in silence or out loud. Just start by saying "God please hear me" and ask for what you really want. I always talk to my Angels when I think about what I want out of life, need guidance, and am grateful for everything I already have. Gratitude is the next step of prayer.

When you are talking to God let them know how grateful you are for what you have. This shows God that you are so happy with your prosperity, so why not give you more! Another way to ask is to make a list but here make a list of exactly what you want and a list of all the things you are grateful for. Speaking gratitude will amplify your prayers. Plus it will be an eye opener for what you already have compared to others.

Start to speak to your higher power. Ask them for exactly what your heart desires, be grateful for it and here is a plus, know that it is yours already. When you gain ownership of what you want out of life, you continue to add more fire to the wish flame. Your voice has a flowing energy wave that reaches the highest of power, so use it to connect to God. Let me know down below what you want and what you are great for. Let's manifest the things that are rightfully ours!

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